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Experience The Elegance & Beauty Of Fashionista Metallic Tattoos

  • Metallic tattoos combine the beauty of jewelry,  the intimate excitement of tattoos and the freedom for you to express your individuality!
  • Enjoyed by all ages – from 3 year-olds to 80 year-olds!
  • Great for party gifts!
  • Safe and non-toxic!
  • Last up to 7 days – but easily removed with baby oil!

Customer Testimonials

Thinking about buying Fashionista Tattoos? Hopefully these reviews from our customers will be more than enough to help you decide.
Your favourite? Fashionista Tattoos!
There a many people selling metallic temporary tattoos (of course, they’re in high demand!) but Fashionista Tattoos are immediately people’s favourite:
“I’ve used temporary tattoos in the past and this brand is by far the best I’ve tried”   logan T.
“They are super easy to use not like the cheaper tattoos!”  Christina Laneo
“much cooler than other flash tattoos I’ve seen”  goodgal
“These tattoos exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them!”  Gina Russell o
“This set of tattoos went beyond my expectations.”   Christine Chou
“While searching for temporary tattoos, I was disappointed by how many of them were poor quality. … Not true with Fashionista Flash Tattoos! I am so impressed by these transfers.”  Margo T.

We have “the most stunning designs”
We’ve hand-picked our tattoos to give our customers the perfect range of designs to mix and match. Bracelets, necklaces, emblems, and rings all included!

“These are PERFECT!”  LL
“Fashionista Flash Tattoos are absolutely beautiful!” Gina Russell
“i love every single one in it” JinnyThreeSheets-01
They look absolutely fabulous”  Busy Bee “So Long”
“What more can I say, these are stunning!”  Christina Derwey
“they can really help you feel that little extra sexy”  Laura B Crozier
“with the most stunning designs”  christine seaholtz
“Love the designs!!”  Christine Chou
” The designs are very intricate and beautiful.”  Michael Duggan
“I felt beautiful with these tattoos”  Emmy Luz Story
“looks so fabulous and glamorous and shiny”  BBowen
And there’s so much choice!
“Lots of different styles for any mood.”  Stephanie24 “Stephanie Gibson”
“There is a lot of variety in the set, plus fun, unique designs”  AMNauThreeSheets-02
“so many and so much variety”  Tina
“such a generous amount for the price”  Margo T.
“By far the best design assortment I’ve ever seen” Heart broken girl
Plus Fashionista Tattoos are “easy to apply”
We know it can be a struggle to make your tattoos look perfect, so our tattoos are simple and quick to apply:
“What I love is that they are so easy to apply”  E.G. Harris
“Putting them on is easy”  Busy Bee “So Long”
“It was VERY easy to apply”  musicislife511

Our temporary tattoos can even last up to 7 days:

“it lasted for about 7 days”  logan T.20150711_155557
“they last a few days to about a week”  E.G. Harris
“I’m on day 3 now and it still looks stunning.”  Daniell
“It will last several days if you don’t rub it”  TESTRITE
“the tattoo is still intact after 3 full days”  Kay
“My daughter took two baths and the tattoo was undamaged.”  Margo T.
Get noticed – get compliments
If you want to stand out from the crowd and put a twist to your normal outfit, our tattoos are prefect for the job:
“we even got complements on them when we went to the store to go grocery shopping”  Christine
“Everyone’s been noticing and commenting on how awesome they are!”  E.G. Harris
“I have been getting lots of positive compliments about my new tattoos”  christine seaholtz
“I get lots of compliments and people asking me where did I get these”  Kay
“I get alot of compliments on them.”  Monarca
“A lot of fun and drew may compliments on party day”  John M. Slater and Katie Murphy
Share the fun!
With so many tattoos in our pack, there are plenty to share and give away to friends and family. Perfect for a unique gift:
“I gave these to many of my women friends and their children – and they LOVED them!”  Danielle
“They are a great gift idea and I’ve already passed the information on to friends”  E.G. Harris
“I may keep these for myself and get more for my teens!”  Heart broken girl
“I gave some of them to my friends and they loved it!”  FashionChic
“a great birthday gift for any girl”  iloveplumerias