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More people are wearing metallic tattoos, and more people are talking about them.

Vogue wrote an article with the apt title:

The Tattoo-as-Jewelry Phenomenon:voguearticleimage
How To Master The New Metallic Body Art

Here’s how they described them:

The metallic wrap-around strips looked remarkably real, offering all the visual impact of a set of slim Saint Laurent 24K-plated bands or a bold Repossi Cage piece.

We like that!

And they note that they are “turning up on everyone from Alessandra Ambrosio and Carolina Herrera de Báez to Aerin Lauder.

As for the fact that this jewelry is only “temporary”, here’s their take on that…

Even the most substantial of the designs will fade within four to six days—which somehow only adds to their easygoing ephemeral appeal. Because what’s more precious than jewelry that flashes and fades with the moment?

With summer on us already, you might want to turn on the glamour with a few glints of gold.