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Metallic tattoos are officially THE body art trend of 2015. Celebrities are appearing left, right, and centre to show off their latest accessories and now that summer is in full swing, there’s no stopping it.

But what if you could be a part of this trend and support a crucial campaign?

Early this year, launched the 1 in 3 of us Campaign against abusive relationships, raising awareness to the shocking fact that 1 in 3 young people “will be in an unsafe or unhealthy relationship”.

They say that:

The line between an affectionate relationship and a controlling, dangerous one can be super blurry. By spotting and acting on the signs of abusive partners, you can promote healthy relationship behavior to keep you and your friends safe.

Those that sign up will receive 3 metallic tattoo bracelets which spell out “1 in 3” in Morse code, along with helpful facts and tips on how to spot and avoid abusive relationships.